Year: 2012

Choreography: Natsu Nakajima

Duration: 60 min

Performer: Isabel Beteta

Guest dancers: Eustorgio Guzmán, Verónica Ramírez y Eugenia Vargas.

Music: popular Japonese and Mexican music.

Lighting design and costumes: Natsu Nakajima.

Musical edition: Guillermo Fragoso.


This choreography was directed by Natsu Nakajima direct student of Hijikata and Kasu Ono.

The material for this piece came from the nitzchean idea that art is a defence against truth, being truth the doorway toward death.

However the piece treats the personal story of life before birth, growing up, hardship and the need to comute in a profession to then communicate with our own roots, our life, and finally our death.