(corpus cuerpo+grafos grafismo o signo)

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Corpógrafos is a company founded by Isabel Beteta in 2020, having been formed with the aim of thinking about the body in a more graphic way; namely:

Corpógrafos is a project in which the body is conceived as an abstract sign or symbol full of meaning. The body designs in space, even if that drawing fades seconds after it has been executed; the body expresses everything that is human, such as emotions, because it is the repository of the history of humanity.

A company is an organic entity that moves according to its internal needs and the circumstances that surround it. The company was born performing functions in alternative venues, such as museums, historical venues and/or Galleries and has performed in conventional theaters

The historical moment that humanity is going through has made us think about dance in a different way. The director’s professional training in the Plastic Arts has enabled her to see the body as a moving plastic object. On occasion, a film camera has been used to zoom in and highlight details that would not be seen on stage, giving another perspective and another type of closeness to the most intimate part of dance.

The purpose of Los Corpógrafos is to be a company that conceives the body as the whole that makes up the human being within the history and society of which it is a part. A being that responds to social conditioning from birth, its education and all the programming to which it is subjected in order to be able to integrate into an environment, with all the personal and family history of the soul that inhabits it.

Project for museums

The first project that Los Corpógrafos carried out was at the UAM Gallery for the 40th anniversary. Now we wish to continue that beginning through a residency in the gallery and develop some elements that were proposed at that first moment. As a result of the residency we will present four choreographic installations continuing with the aesthetics that the group has been proposing.

We hope to carry out the work through film/video, taking advantage of the spaces and possibilities that the gallery offers. The central concept is to convert the bodies of the dancers into living sculptures that suggest small stories without these being descriptive. What interests us most is the plastic beauty of each of the choreographic scenes/installations. In some way, reference is made to classic works of literature and art history such as:

Icarus, which represents the fall of man in his excessive ambition or the stumbling blocks in his search to go further. Famous representations of this theme can be found in paintings (e.g. Pieter Brueghel the Elder, 1545 approx., or the sculpture by Rebecca Mate, 1922).

Sisyphus: It is intended to be done with a large ball. The scene is based on the idea of ​​something that must always be started over and never ends, as a metaphor for the human condition. Here we also have models such as the painting by Titian (1548-49), or in the texts of Albert Camus.

Homage to Matisse, who worked mainly on his relief sculpture, especially his women from behind, but also thinking about the Pergamon frieze.

Sketchbook (e.g. it could be Yves Klein or the Pygmalion myth). In any case, the result should be that sculptures move until they leave a mark on a surface.

Los Corpógrafos

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    “Isabel Beteta, scholarship holder of the National System of Creators Program 2015 – 2017 of the National Fund for Culture and the Arts”