Year: 2014

Choreography: Rhea Volij

Duración: 30 minutos

Performer: Isabel Beteta

Music: Arreglos sobra músic Inuit

Sound design and musical edition: Guillermo Fragoso

Lighting: César (Chacho) Guerra


The basic theme of this piece is form emptiness to silence.; understanding emptiness as a painful experience and loss, and  silence as the place where there is peace, and that one gets to after an internal process and life experience. It is the finding of one’s center where there is no noise.

The process began with an interview of Rhea Volij to Isabel, which looked at the past for several generations. Rhea chose those images she found to be relevant , and not precisely based on people, but rather those images that created atmospheres. Thus the resulting choreography offers precisely that:

Emotional scenes that recreate moments or states but not a narrative sequence