Year: 2012

Choreography: Kathryn Alter
Duration: 32 minutes
Dancers: Rosario Verea, Javier Amado, Ma.de Jesús Bautista, Eustorgio Guzmán, Arturo Bello e Isabel Beteta
Diseño de Iluminación: César (Chacho) Guerra


Epitaphs was created specially for the company by, Kathryn Alter, choreographer and dancer of the José Limón Company. She has for several years shared her knowledge and the limón technique training during her artistic residencies in Mexico.

“It is an abstract piece, character is counterpoint and base of the movement in the pieces structure. This character represents a memory that appears and as long as it doesn’t go away, the other characters cannot free themselves from their movement, their world.” This experience has specific rhythm: Travelers have different rhythms even though some passages are unavoidable. Memory is accompanied and dreamers continue to go forward.