Year: 2009

Choreography: Isabel Beteta

Duration:12 min

Music: Hecha espacialmente para la obra por Gustavo Martín

Dancers: Rosario Verea, Ma.de Jesús Bautista, +guest artist

Lighting Design: César “Chacho” Guerra.


The piece is about the random encounters between human beings.

Three characters appear slowly in space-“floating”. They are tied to each other, which is something they eventually discover. As of that moment they try to relate to each other more consciously. This way they develop a language that allows them to communicate, yet each character has her own personality. The gesture language becomes important in this piece as it takes shape within the diversity of each individual.

The choreography develops in three moments: Entrence, encounter, communication.

The piece uses simple stage props: String, and rolling benches to achieve the feeling of floating.