Year: 2008  Choreography: Isabel Beteta

Duration: 30 min

Music: Specially composed for the piece by Kavindu (Alejandro Velasco)

Dancers: Rosario Verea, Javier Amado, Jesús Bautista, Eustorgio Guzmán.

Lighting: César “Chacho” Guerra.


The Garden of Delight was inspired by the Pandora myth, as well as the concepts of Eric Fromm in his books the “The Art of Loving” and “Man the Wolf of Man”. The piece  works with two of the basic human drives: Aggression (basic for survival in nature and achieving certain goals), and compassion, that allows human beings to curb violence.

….And yet one is and lives with a violente nature and through evolution one is compassionate. 

The Garden of Delight has an important emphasis on its visual aspects ( reminder of the painting by Hieronymus Bosch) and the music composed specially for the piece by Alejandro Velasco “Kavindu”.