Year: 2005

Choreography:  Isabel Beteta

Duration: 40 minutos 

Music: Percusiones (Yannis Xenakis, Laurent Séjourné y otros)

Dancers: Rosario Verea, Javier Amado, Eustorgio Guzmán, María de Jesus Bautista, Isabel Beteta.

Lighting design: César (Chacho) Guerra

Costume design: Isabel Beteta

Costume confection: Víctor Argote


Human nature does not change regardless of the degree of evolution someone might have.

The piece is divided in four scenes 1.- (Temptation) Men practicing Tai-Chi, a martial art that includes meditation. A beautiful woman passes by and creates with her presence a rivalry between the men , peaceful up till that moment. Rivalry takes them to use tai-chi as its original for states: a martial As one of the men falls injures the others look on in horror of the outcome. The woman vanished untouched.

2.- (Purity)  An large fan is used by a dancer to do a “cata” of the sable.

The fan is also his wings. He is nearly an angel. He manages to resist the woman’s advances.

3.-(Women) Three women do a dance with very long skirts. It is an image of serpent-women.

4.- (The meeting) Men and women meet in a kind of mating ritual in which, at the end the angel-man is sacrificed.