Year: 2017

Choreography: Isabel Beteta

Duration:30 min .

Music: Erik Satie, Heiner Goebbels, efectos sonoros

Costumes: Rosario Alcántara

Wooden puppets: Jorge Caballar

Musical edition: Guillermo Fragoso

Light design: Gloria Minauro


Made of Wood is the third part of a trilogy (that received the support of the

Sistema Nacional de Creadores); and the fifth of a series of choreographies  based on the Surrealist concepts, methods and images.

Made of Wood takes the imagery form the metaphysical work of Giorgio

de Chirico; and, the music uses elements form Erik Satie.

Rather than telling a story there are images and atmospheres such as de Chirico  has in his paintings: exaggerated perspectives, ominous shadows, mannequins that suggest a world different from the human, a feeling of estrangement with few  stage elements that create their own story.