Año: 2008

Choreography: Allen Kaeja

Duration: 26 min

Music: Edgardo Moreno

Dancers: Rosario Verea, Javier Amado, Jesús Bautista, Eustorgio Guzmán y Arturo Bello, isabel Beteta

Iluminación: César “Chacho” Guerra.


This choreography is a “divertimento” that was first developed by students form the Universidad in Toronto Canadá, composing first a trio and then a piece consisting of three parts: a trio, a solo and a sextet.

The main merit of the piece -more than its spectacularity- is that it shows a partnering technique developed for the past 12 year by Allen Kaeja and his wife Karen, in which they have achieved astonishing originality and virtuosity.

The quick pace of the piece is interrupted by a slow solo, which, however, gives the impression that there is another person present, we don’t see the person, so in a sense, we are working with empty space; where as in the trio and sextet dancers work intimately with one another and use all the space.

Allen Kaeja was supported by the Canadian Embassy in Mexico as well as the Canadian Counsil for the Arts, so he could return to Mexico and finish the choreography to be premiered in the Teatro de la Ciudad in October  2008.